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According to experts, the best time to prune and thin trees would be somewhere between fall (late) and spring (early) – everywhere in between. However, that’s not always followed because you, as a tree owner, know and understand your tree’s needs. Would you wait for these seasons for you to prune your trees?

Our company, Loxahatchee Pro Tree Trimming & Removal Team is the leading company that manages and maintains trees and landscapes all over the region. For more than 54 years, we’ve done nothing but provide proven and excellent quality tree pruning & tree removal services to our clients.

Our Tree Pruning & Tree Removal Methods and Procedures

Throughout the course of our services, we never made our clients question the effectiveness and efficiency of the services that we do. The way we prune trees is different because our team of experts, tree doctors, and ISA-licensed and certified arborists carefully study the conditions and the overall health and wellness of your trees first before acting upon them.

This way, we can maximize the pruning, ensuring that everything is done correctly without the risk of endangering the health of the tree, as well as the safety of the people around it.

When your trees are already beyond pruning and regular maintenance, however, then going with a tree removal service would be the best choice for you. Our tree removal service, as a part of our land clearing service, is done and executed in the safest and most efficient ways.

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If you want the experience of working with the best and the most professional and reliable company in the state, don’t hesitate to give us a call here at Loxahatchee Pro Tree Trimming & Removal Team. For over 5 decades, we provided nothing but greatness and effectiveness in the ways we serviced our clients.

Need help in pruning or thinning your trees? Call us now! Our team of professionals and experts can help you safely! We can even have your trees removed if it’s required! We’ll even send you a free quote!

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